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              Yuncheng Tianhua Chemical Co., Ltd
              Zinc nitrate
              Magnesium nitrate
              Potassium carbonate
              Potassium bicarbonate


              11、Methylene dithiocyanate


              [product name]:                     Methylene dithiocyanate


              [Molecular formula] :             CH2(SCN)2


              [Relative molecular weight] :      130

              [CAS code]:                     6317-18-6

              [Product specifications]:

              Content (wt%):                  94min

              Water content (wt%):             3max

              Water insoluble substance (wt%):  3max

              PH:                            5-7


              [Product usage]:

               Methylene dithiocyanate is an efficient and broad-spectrum bactericidal and algal killing agent, which has an effective killing effect on the main bacteria, fungi and algae existing in the circulating water. In addition, its efficacy lasts for a long time and the range of PH value and temperature is wide.3-4PPM of the dosage of heterotrophic bacteria, asimicidal bacteria, sulfur reduction bacteria, escherichia coli, iron bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, denitrification bacteria and sulfur bacteria bactericidal rate as high as 99%, other types of bacteria can also achieve high bactericidal rate.The original solution of dithiocyanomethane is stable, but it can be degraded when applied. There is an analytical method, which is convenient for monitoring and safe discharge.
                      Dithiocyanomethane can reduce oil layer pollution, prevent clay swelling, sterilize and scale, and increase production.Can also be used for all kinds of packaging paper mold;Treatment of circulating cooling water;Prevention and removal of Marine organisms on the hull surface of ocean-going seagoing ships;Electrical materials, bamboo and wood products, coating, rubber, leather, canvas, paste, ink and other aspects have a good effect of mildew, sterilization, algae.

              [Packing and storage] :

              The product is packed in 25kg paper drum lined with plastic bag, and should be rainproof and moisture-proof in storage and transportation.

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